Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taiko Drum Class (Week 5, Final!)



This is the last class. We warmed up with "Onsen Taiso" (Hot-spring exercise). The movement is quite simple. Open the legs and sink the hip down like a sumo wrestler and move the upper body up and down. The movement is like a person going in and out of a hot spring. Shoot, this exercise is so really tough and my quads were giving up on me lifting up and down this metabolic body. Oh well, it is no mystery in getting tired so quickly. I was lifting up and down 200 pounds of meat in such an awkward posture for two minutes. I did the same thing when I was doing judo, but five years of being a couch-potato killed the muscle and the fighting spirit that I used to possess. I am growing old alright. Growing up? I don't know. Before talking about growing, I have to do something about this meat.

Kaoru-san, thank you very much for last five weeks. This is the last beginner's class but I will continue taking your lessons on the intermediate class.

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