Sunday, December 6, 2009

Miyarabi @ Otto's Shrunken Head

 こっさん率いる沖縄バンド、美童(みやらび)のラスト・ライブを観に行ってきました。最初から最後まで、こっさんらしいパワフルで楽しいライブでございました。メンバーも素晴らしかったですよ。Samurai Sword Soulでの素晴らしい演奏を聴いた時からずっと話しかけたかった太鼓のカエさん、先日TONTON-BYOSHIという3人組のユニットでド派手なダンスで会場を沸かせていたのに、今日はうって変わってエイサーのようなゆったりとした踊りとしかも歌まで披露してくれたレナさん、そしてコブシのきいた突き抜けるような歌声で美童(みやらび)のメインの歌姫を務めるだけでなく、もはや私の憧れのバンドと化したHappyFunSmileでもボーカルをとっているというカオリさん。メンバーも全体のステージングも選曲も本当に良かったです。

I went to see the last live of one and only Okinawan band in New York, Miyarabi, lead by Kossan. From the downbeat to the last note, it was one heck of a fun live and was so energetic. Energetic performance is one of the characteristics of Kossan's shows. The members were great too. Kae was playing the taiko drums and actually I always wanted to talk to her ever since I saw her wonderful playing at the show of "Samurai Sword Soul." Although Rena was dancing flamboyantly and passionately with a 3-piece dance unit, Tonton-Byoshi, on the other day, she was dancing slowly in Eisa-style (Okinawan festival dance) and was also singing. Kaori who possesses beautiful Japanese folkish voice was not only taking the lead female vocal with Miyarabi but also singing with HappyFunSmile, the band I am a groupie of. The members, whole staging, choice of tunes, they were all exceptionally good.


Oh well, because Kossan is going back to Japan, that was the last show of Miyarabi and they are disbanding such a great band. OH NO! DON'T STOP NOW! As a fun, I stand firmly against the discontinuation of the band.

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