Saturday, December 5, 2009

After Party of "Idols: Demons and Saints"


Right before I was going to check out the performance of Kaoru Watanabe, my taiko drum instructor, I got a mail from my friend George-san. On the other day, I went to see the art/music exhibition of John Wellington and wrote how wonderful it was on WaFoo's blog on November 14th. George-san kindly let John and the performers know about the blog and John kindly invited me to the after-party of the show. I was so honored. Thanks to George-san and John-san. I went to the party right after Kaoru's show.


Some of the art works at the exhibition were hanged on the wall of John's apartment, and this time, John himself gave me a little tour on his works. You can check out his works at his web site and he is incorporating lots of characters from Japanese pop culture into his works, such as Hello Kitty, Pika-chu, Astro Boy etc.. Each of those characters and each of those colors has much deeper meaning than it appears. I am not going to write down what John explained to me in here just because I am afraid to pass the message which John might not intend to. His works are really interesting and captivating. You guys should check them out.


I got to know lots of good people at this party. Lale and Kazumi, the prominent belly dancers who opened the exhibition at that night, Wynn and Akiko from HappyFunSmile, which was the band I instantly became a groupie of, and Reni the cosplayer who is like embodying the core of Japanese pop culture. Traci, Mark, Sato-san, it was so nice to meet you all. There are many more great artists in New York than I know. My dear new friends, if you and WaFoo can collaborate on some acts in the near future, we would be honored and would really appreciate it.

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